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We cater for intimate, family and business meals. A seminar room is also available for meetings…

The rue du Moulin connects Ducale square with the Arthur Rimbaud museum. It is situated in the heart of the principality founded by Charles de Gonzague, the then Duke of Mantoue and Governor of Champagne region. In 1608, in all modesty he gave his namesake to the new town: Charleville.

Each house bore the name of the town which had financed its building: Rheims, Sainte-Ménéhould, Langres, Suippes, Rethel, Mouzon, Mézières… A personal plate on the Sainte-Ménehould house, celebrates the restoration of the building in 1830.

It is in this building, located 33 rue du Moulin, at the heart of this historical town, that Christophe and Geraldine Melin opened … ‘La Clef des Champs’.



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    Restaurant Traiteur à Charleville Mezieres dans les Ardennes : Restaurant gastronomique, Menu traiteur pour mariages et occasions, Boutique de plats à emporter et Sushis